We passed 10K stars on GitHub!

In under 9 months we passed a huge milestone, 10K stars on GitHub!GitHub

Medusa aims to provide a good developer experience with a lot of customization capabilities that eliminate the need for hacky solutions. This also allows merchants to pick and choose with the services and features they want as part of their ecosystem.

As part of our celebration for the 10K stars, here's a look back at some of the highlights from the past 9 months:

  1. In September of last year, we posted about Medusa on Hacker News and it was #5 on the front page!

  2. In October and during Hacktoberfest, our community size grew twice as much, and almost 90 PRs!

  3. In December, Medusa went viral as we were #1 trending on GitHub, had over 1000 post upvotes on Reddit, and had over 19000 reads on our intro article here on DEV.

  4. In January of this year, we launched Medusa on Product Hunt. It ranked #1 of the day and #3 of the month. We also surpassed 1400 upvotes.

  5. In March, we had a new record of usage with over 1500 monthly projects and 1600 community members.

This all wouldn't have been done without the help and support of our community. Thank you to everyone that contributed to Medusa or used it in their project. We hope to continue working hard and celebrate 20K soon!

You can check Medusa out on GitHub as well as join our community on Discord.

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Shahed NasserApr. 13, 20221 min.

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