Medusa Admin


Medusa Admin

Customizable dashboard
to manage your commerce

Manage all aspects of your commerce operations from a single place, and make your custom logic and workflows easily accessible for your team with a powerful system to build extensions.


Handle your commerce operations at scale

Medusa's strong commerce defaults made easily accessible for store operators. Manage a digital commerce setup at scale across multiple markets, channels, and customer types.

Detailed product control

Craft detailed product pages, and handle product assortments with the bulk editor and advanced category control.

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Omnichannel order handling

Manage all orders in one place. Build storefronts with Medusa's APIs and integrate your other sales channels.

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Inventory and multi-warehouse

Track inventory statuses, make order reservations, and manage inventory across multiple stock locations.

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Unlimited pricing options

Use the Price Lists feature to create campaigns, add special B2B prices lists, or set up region-based pricing.

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Multi-regional support

Add multiple currencies, and local shipping and payment options to your store directly from your Admin.

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Advanced promotions icon

Advanced promotions

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Set up advanced promotion logic to determine how the different discounts should work.

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User Story

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Tailored admin dashboard.
A case about Matt Sleeps.

Learn how Matt Sleeps customized their admin dashboard to support detailed sales analytics, customer reviews, order invoicing, and more.

Customize Everything

Powerful system for
extensions and customizations

Support your custom logic and unique business workflows with a powerful extension system and native UI.

Native extensions with Medusa UI

Make your Admin extensions look native using the Medusa UI; a collection of components, hooks, utility functions, icons, and Tailwind CSS classes.

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Build your own admin

The Admin dashboard is built on top of Medusa's Admin APIs. The same APIs can be used to build a completely custom admin dashboard if needed.

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Showcase: AI Order Assistant

Build any extension you need. Check out the AI-powered order assistant built using the Admin Widgets.

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Widgets and UI Routes icon

Widgets and UI Routes

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Add any Admin customization with Widgets or UI Routes.

Extend your Medusa Admin pages using Widgets with custom functionality, or use UI Routes to create completely new pages within the Admin.


Manage all your commerce in one dashboard

The admin features you need out-of-the-box with endless customization options.

Manage your store

  • Make bulk product and price list updates

  • Control all products and variant options

  • Set up product categories, types, collections, and more

  • Manage discounts and set advanced promotion logic

  • Set up special sales channels and region rules

  • Full multi-warehouse and inventory control

  • View and manage API keys

  • Administer multiple admin users

  • !

    Access all your Medusa Workflows

Handle orders and customers

  • Manage, view, and modify your orders

  • View customer profiles and their order history

  • Set up customer group rules, e.g. for B2B handling

  • Localize currencies, shipping, and payment

  • Set up advanced returns and exchange handling

  • Control taxation rules across regions

  • Handle product reservations to not oversell

  • Create manual orders

  • Manage multiple stores and stock locations

Customize Everything

  • Add own widgets to existing admin pages

  • Create new admin pages using UI Routes

  • Make new components look native with Medusa UI

  • Connect with more than 100 community plugins

  • Add UI for your own custom modules

  • Leverage over 20 different admin translations

  • The admin is open-source and ships as npm

  • Build your own admin using our Admin API


Get Started

Copy the command and get started with Medusa in 3 mins.