Customization tools to build
anyanyany commerce feature.

Medusa has a fully fledged backend framework built-in for powerful customizations. Build business features with custom data models, workflows, UI extensions, and API endpoints.

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All commerce applications need customizations. Use our framework to build them.

Traditional commerce platforms force you to use separate servers, middleware, or applications for customizations. This is hard to manage and slows down development velocity. In Medusa, you have a built-in foundation that allow you to build native customizations.

Our tools enable you to avoid hacky workarounds and instead build bespoke, scalable commerce applications fast. Let Medusa provide the framework, so you can focus on building the features that differentiate your business.

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Tools to build your commerce customizations.

The primitives you need to build anything and customize everything.


Use Medusa’s built-in event system to subscribe and respond to events like order.placed, product.created, and more.

Admin Extensions

Inject custom React components into existing Admin pages using Widgets or create new pages from scratch using UI Routes.

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API Routes

Expose endpoints in your Medusa application with API Routes, allowing you to listen to webhooks, run custom logic, and more.

Link Modules

new feature

Connect two or more modules through remote joiners, for users to query information from multiple modules in one request.

Long Running Workflows

new feature

Orchestrate and automate actions across multiple systems like ERP, PIM, or CMS with built-in retries and rollbacks.

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Cron Jobs

Perform scheduled jobs to automate repetitive work on a recurring basis.

Custom modules

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Add own custom modules to your commerce stack and easily set up your own data models to support them.

Index Engine

(Coming in later version)

Make fast queries with optimized data retrieval across third-party tools, custom modules, and existing Medusa modules.

Build any commerce customization with our framework.

  • Sync product data from PIM

  • Create advanced analytics dashboards

  • Build a multi-vendor marketplace

  • Add product extensions

  • Add endpoints to custom data models

  • Manage complex storefront queries

  • Integrate with supplier systems

  • Listen to webhooks of third-party tools

  • Create a custom auction module

  • Automate audits and reports

Real-time sync with ERP

Synchronize your ERP and Medusa using Workflows, Subscribers, and API Routes.

  • Use subscribers to trigger a workflow when an order is placed.

  • Set up a workflow to fetch data and post it in the ERP.

  • Create API Route listening to the ERP webhook for updates on order status.

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Support subscriptions

Build the customizations needed to run a subscription business.

  • Create a custom data model for subscription info.

  • Use cron jobs to check for daily subscription renewals.

  • Implement a subscription overview in the Admin using UI Routes.

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Synchronize ads audiences

Send customer data to Meta Ads, Google Ads, Mailchimp, and more.

  • Listen to customer events using subscribers.

  • Build a custom service to transform data to fit audience destinations.

  • Set up a workflow to push audience data automatically to each channel.

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Get Started

Copy the command and get started with Medusa in 3 mins.