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Our framework and commerce modules are all free and open source.


  • Open-source under the MIT license
  • Access all of our commerce modules
  • Framework tooling to build custom logic
  • Regular updates and maintenance
  • Comprehensive Docs to get started

Mid to large projects

Medusa Cloud

Reliable and performant hosting that does not compromise flexibility.

Custom price

  • Deploy directly from your GitHub repo
  • Tailored infrastructure for Medusa
  • Dynamic scaling to meet peek traffic
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing


Premium Support

Receive exclusive support from the Medusa core team on your project.

Custom price

  • Dedicated support channel
  • Weekly check-ins with core team
  • SLA-backed response time
  • Scoping and architectural guidance
  • Priority bug fixing and troubleshooting

#1 open-source ecommerce platform

  • Most popular ecom project on GitHub

  • +10,000 developers in our community

  • Handling thousands of orders daily

  • +1 million npm downloads globally

  • Used by companies in +40 countries

  • Powering startups to $bn corporations

Powering global brands and fast scaling startups

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Medusa Cloud

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Scaleable cloud hosting for your Medusa project.

Focus on building custom features instead of provisioning infrastructure. Build, launch, and scale your Medusa project with the new Medusa PaaS offering.

Deploy directly from your GitHub repository, with the benefits of automatic scaling, high availability, and secure hosting. All of it on a reliable infrastructure optimized to host Medusa projects.

No need to compromise on customization. You can deploy your own customizations, modules, and other changes along with our modules and framework.

Sign up for the Beta and learn more about the offering.


Ready to help you

Don't find the answers you are looking for? Reach out and we will get back to you shortly.

With our Premium Support offering, you receive exclusive support from the Medusa core team with solution guidance and technical troubleshooting through support channels with SLA-guaranteed response times and weekly problem-solving sessions.

If you cannot find the plugin you are looking for in our Plugin Library, then we are happy to set you up with an implementation partner to assist your with a plugin build.

Our modular architecture makes it easy to migrate from both custom-built systems and traditional platforms. With Medusa 2.0, you can even migrate gradually one module at a time. Feel free to reach out for advice on your particular migration needs.

We usually do not assist in implementation work outside our Premium Support offering. However, we can help find an experienced Medusa Expert to give direct implementation support. Reach out via our contact form, and we will help you get in touch with them.

Check out our recipes to get guidance on how you can use Medusa for marketplaces, B2B applications, POS systems, subscriptions, omnichannel shops, and more.

It will take a developer only a couple of minutes to get Medusa up and running. Our Next.js Commerce Template even gives you a storefront to start building right away.


Get Started

Copy the command and get started with Medusa in 3 mins.