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Medusa provides Premium Support for enterprise clients and agencies. Reach out to hear more about our dedicated support plans.


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All of our code base is free and open source.

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Commerce infrastructure you can trust:

#1 ecommerce project on GitHub

Used by $bn enterprises and fast-moving startups

Thousands of community members to rely on

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Open source under MIT license


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Find answers in our Q&A or ask for help in our Medusa Community.

What is included in your Premium Support?

For enterprises and agencies, we offer Premium Support giving you a dedicated support channel, architectural guidance, and guaranteed response time from our core team. Contact us to hear more.

Can you build a webshop for us?

We generally do not assist in direct implementation work. However, we can help find an experienced Medusa agency to support this part. Reach out via the Premium Support form for assistance.

Is it easy to migrate from another platform?

Our modular architecture makes it easy to migrate from both custom-built systems and traditional platforms. We even have tools in place to speed up the migration processes. Feel free to reach out for advice on your particular migration.

Can I get custom integrations for our case?

If you cannot find the plugin you are looking for in our Plugin Library, then we are happy to set you up with an agency that can help build the integrations needed for your case.

How long does it take to get started?

It will take a developer only a couple of minutes to get Medusa up and running. Our Next.js Commerce Template, even gives you a storefront to start building from right away. If you have trouble getting started, we are always happy to help in our community.

Can Medusa support more advanced functionality requirements?

Medusa is built to accommodate advanced requirements. Our commerce modules are used for everything from enterprise ecommerce stores to marketplaces and other commerce-enabled products.

Premium support

Looking for dedicated support? Let us find a custom solution together.

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