Announcing Payment Processor

Apr 04, 2023 by

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Adrien de Peretti

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Adrien de Peretti

Medusa is thrilled to announce the release of our new payment processor plugin interface.
Announcing Payment Processor
Medusa is thrilled to announce the release of our new payment processor plugin interface. This update is another significant milestone in our mission to provide developers with modular building blocks that empower them to build rich, efficient, and customizable digital commerce applications without having to reinvent core commerce functionality.

Simplified and Focused Interface

The new payment processor plugin interface has been deliberately designed with a reduced scope compared to its predecessor. This ensures that integrating new payment providers is now easier than ever, providing a simple yet powerful primitive in Medusa to capture and process payments seamlessly.

Improved Adaptability and Customization

By addressing some of the limitations of the previous interface, which sometimes led to hacky implementations and difficult-to-debug issues, the new interface allows for better adaptability and customization. This flexibility aligns with Medusa's long-term vision of enabling developers to create bespoke digital commerce experiences efficiently.

Effortless Payment Processing with the PaymentProviderService

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abstracts obtaining payments through different providers by following a few simple steps. This service is used for authorizing payments for carts, obtaining additional payments on orders through payment collections, and can also be used for custom flows where payment authorization is necessary.

Compatibility with Leading Payment Providers

Our new interface is compatible with leading payment providers, including Stripe, PayPal, Klarna, Adyen, and more, further broadening the range of possibilities for your commerce application.

Availability and Documentation

The new payment processor plugin interface is available starting with version 1.8. To learn more about the new interface and how to build plugins that implement it, please refer to our documentation.

Embracing the Future of Digital Commerce

We are excited to see the unique experiences and plugins that developers will create using the simplified payment processor plugin interface v1.8. Try it out now by upgrading to the latest version of Medusa:
yarn add @medusajs/medusa@latest
Or start a new project:
yarn create medusa-app
Join us as we continue to innovate and empower developers to build the future of digital commerce.

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