Medusa Hackathon 2022: This Year Winners Announcement

Oct 27, 2022 by

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Nicklas Gellner

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Nicklas Gellner

Get ready to meet the winners of our Medusa Hackathon, including the $1,500 grand prize victor and other exciting prizes.
Hackathon Winners
Our first Medusa Hackathon has come to an end and the outcome has been incredible. The amount of solutions far exceeded our expectations with +200 participants across 120 submissions. Among these, we saw some extraordinary cool solutions.
Thanks a lot to all the participants that took part. Also a big shout out to the many community members that took it upon themselves to help new members get a good first experience with Medusa.
With many great submissions, it proved difficult to select only 4 winners - 1 overall winner & 3 category winners. In the end, after lengthy deliberation, we have found our winners.
You can find all submissions here and an overview of our competition guidelines here.

Winner: Best Overall

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Andrew and Femi built a payment provider plugin integrating Paystack with Medusa. The plugin enables African businesses to accept payments in local and foreign currencies and is built to support all of Paystack’s checkout flows (Popup, Redirect, API). Andrew and Femi not only built a sophisticated payment plugin but also included a frontend implementation using our NextJS starter template and added a 5-minute demo taking you through the complete setup and a demo of the full flow.
The main criteria for the Best Overall Project were usefulness and project completeness. Andrew and Femi excelled on these parameters, placing them at the top of the podium.

Winner: Most technically impressive

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Anish built a plugin allowing developers to send core events to webhooks easily. With the plugin, you can effectively centralize your usage of webhooks in one single place instead of having to install separate plugins for each of those use cases e.g., Discord, Slack, etc.
We are mind-blown by the fact that Anish, at only 15 years old, managed to know his way around our codebase, build a sophisticated plugin, and generally is engaged in the open-source developer community.

Winner: Best shop

By: Hana
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Hana built a beautiful clothing store for the brand Habesha on top of our NextJS starter template. What sets this store apart from the rest is the addition of elements that improve the overall commerce experience, including Algolia for search and a quick view functionality for products.

Winner: Best design

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Anupreet used our NextJS starter to build a super good-looking storefront for a burger restaurant. The starter was heavily customized to fit the concept and theme of the burger restaurant, and the thoroughness and consistency of the modifications are indeed impressive!

Runner up list

Here's a list of Projects that were runner-ups as competition and category winners:


For all participants and winners, we will get back to you via Discord to coordinate the shipping of prizes, participation certificates, and GitHub sponsorships. We will be in touch during the next week.
If you want to take part in the community, feel free to join our Discord. Here you can also stay tuned for more Medusa news and events.
Once again, thanks for making this a wonderful first Medusa Hackathon!

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