Introducing Medusa.Express: Open source one-page checkout-flow

Sharing Medusa Express, our new one-page checkout flow allowing purchases directly through a URL-link.Post thumbnail image

Introducing Medusa Express⚡️

Wanted to share a cool new open-source project that we have been building for our headless commerce engine. Medusa Express is a one-page checkout flow allowing you to purchase a product directly via a URL-link which can be smart in cases of e.g. retargeting campaigns, outbound sales, special releases, or bloggers that want to sell easily to their followers.

Medusa Express automatically creates pages for the products in your ecommerce backend each of them optimized to make the purchasing experience as frictionless as possible, by bundling the checkout flow alongside the product.

Access it in the top link!

How it works:

  1. A customer visits a link e.g.

  2. The customer selects the variant of the product they wish to buy

  3. Customer completes the checkout flow and the order is completedHope you might find it relevant!

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Nicklas GellnerJan. 12, 20221 min.

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