Video: Deploy your Medusa store on Heroku in 5 minutes

In this video, we'll deploy your Medusa ecommerce backend to Heroku in 5 minutesPost thumbnail image

A quick guide by our CTO, Oliver, on how to deploy your Medusa ecommerce backend to Heroku.

We assume, that you are currently running a local instance of Medusa. If not, check out our Quickstart or use npx create-medusa-app to quickly set up your application. For the latter, see this guide for a short walkthrough.

After this tutorial, you will have a live headless commerce backend to start your ecommerce store from.

{% embed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqZKnkrGMA0&ab_ %}

For the written tutorial: https://docs.medusajs.com/how-to/deploying-on-heroku/

Should you have any problems setting this up, then feel free to hit us up on our Discord.

Hope you found the tutorial helpful!

Oliver Juhl
Oliver JuhlMar. 7, 20220 min.

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