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Palmes: Building a global D2C shop in 6 weeks with Medusa

Jul 14, 2022 by

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Oliver Juhl

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Oliver Juhl

Discover how Palmes built a global ecommerce store selling in over 40 countries, with four different currencies, in less than six weeks using Medusa.
Case Study: How Palmes built a Global on-brand Store in <6 Weeks with Medusa
Palmes is a menswear brand with roots in tennis culture for wearing on and off court that sells tennis wear and accessories. Founded in 2021, Palmes already sells in over 40 countries around the world. Palmes was looking for a solution that allows them to sell globally while creating an on-brand customer experience. With Medusa, Palmes is able to fulfill their vision and sell their unique products across the world.
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Palmes Success Story

  • Took less than six weeks to go from Design to a live store leveraging the Gatsby starter.
  • Palmes started selling in over 40 countries and with 4 different currencies from the start of their online store.
  • Today, more than two-thirds of their ecommerce revenue is generated outside its home market.
  • Fully brand-tailored design and user experience on their storefront.

The Challenge

  • Sell across the globe and in multiple currencies without the need to manage multiple stores or dashboards.
  • Create a unique user experience relevant to the brand’s products and vision.
  • Use a scalable platform that allowed them to switch out or add integrations as their business grew.

The Solution: Medusa

  • Full tech-stack ownership since Medusa is an open-source solution.
  • Multi-currency and regional support. Palmes sells in +40 markets with 4 currencies at the moment.
  • Fully automated RMA flows for order returns, claims, and exchanges, allowing Palmes to provide good customer service.
  • Medusa’s ready-made plugins for third-party tools and services such as Contentful, Stripe, MeiliSearch, and more.
  • Full storefront customization to implement their custom design and experience.
  • Include all necessary and basic ecommerce features to provide a better customer experience such as customer accounts, regions, and currencies based on automatic location detection, full checkout flow, and much more.

The Story

Starting from 2020 when it was founded, Palmes provides day-to-day tennis attire and accessories. When Palmes decided to start selling online, they wanted a platform that provides them with the flexibility to create their unique vision without limitations.
After investigating other platforms to find a solution that would give them all the features they needed, they chose Medusa as it gives them all these features and more.

Multi-Region and Currency Support

Using Medusa, Palmes were able to cater to countries across the globe from the start. Using Medusa’s multi-region and multi-currency features, Palmes were able to add as many regions as they wanted with currencies specific to those regions.
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Unlike most ecommerce platforms, Medusa provides businesses with full flexibility over the pricing of their products for each currency. Palmes is not limited to a defined conversion rate or a price format when they add their products.

On-Brand and Unique Storefront

Due to Medusa’s composable architecture, Palmes was able to create a unique user experience on their storefront that was complementary to their brand identity. You can see it in their net design for sold-out product variants or when you open your cart.
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The decoupling of the frontend and backend means the frontend is highly performant without a heavy backend slowing it down. As the storefront is built with Gatsby, a static-site generator, the storefront is blazingly fast providing users with a seamless shopping experience.
Jamstack websites built with frameworks like Gatsby offer more security, scalability, and a higher performance. These are essential for every ecommerce storefront, and Palmes are able to utilize that due to Medusa’s architecture.

Optimized Checkout Experience with Integrations

Palmes also used Medusa’s plugins to add payment providers specific for different regions. Currently, Palmes uses Medusa’s Stripe, Klarna, and PayPal plugins. The variety of payment providers allows customers to choose the payment provider most preferable for them in their region.
Using these integrations and the Jamstack frontend allows them to deliver an optimized checkout flow that helps users place orders with the providers available for their regions.
With a solution like Medusa, Palmes can choose to add integrations or features in the future without any limitations. Medusa is a highly extendable platform that is capable of scaling with businesses as they grow.

Intuitive Admin Dashboard to Manage it All

When it comes to managing their online store and configurations, Medusa’s admin dashboard offers an intuitive design and experience. This admin dashboard allows Palmes to manage their orders, returns, products, and much more all from a single platform.
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This is immensely beneficial when it came to supporting +40 countries regions and currencies, as they don’t have to manage the products, prices, orders, and other settings and data for each market from different dashboards.

Get Started with Medusa

If you’re interested in getting started with Medusa and creating your own success story, check out our Quickstart guide to get set up in minutes.
Medusa is an open-source ecommerce platform with a growing community behind it. You can check out our GitHub repository with 10K+ stars.
You can also join our Discord server if you’re up for a chat or need any help while working on your Medusa server. You’ll be in direct touch with the team as well as other community members.

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