Order Module

Order Module

Streamlined order management

Track, manage, and automate order handling with the flexibility to set up bespoke order processes. Build custom workflows and integrate with your ERP, WMS, and related services.


Solve customer problems and manage orders in one place

View order statuses, modify existing orders, and handle post-delivery services like returns, exchanges, and claims.

Order lifecycle management

Track orders from placement to post-delivery services and make custom order changes whenever needed.

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Omnichannel order handling

Manage all orders in one place. Build storefronts with Medusa's APIs and integrate your other sales channels.

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Automated RMA flows

Let customers request returns, exchanges, or claims through APIs and handle them automatically in Medusa.

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Empower store operators

Let store operators create draft orders, make order edits, and handle returns directly in the Medusa Admin.

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Handle in-store orders

Create omnichannel experiences. Allow in-store orders and fulfillment or let your customers buy online and pick up in store.

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Handling +5,000 daily orders

Makro PRO uses Medusa for omnichannel order management. Learn how they use the Order Module to handle over 180,000 orders and +$300M in GMV yearly.

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Widgets and UI Routes icon

Widgets and UI Routes

Learn more

Add custom order widgets to your order overview.

Use Widgets and the Medusa UI library to inject native-looking custom functionality into the Order page of the Medusa Admin.


Extendable end-to-end order handling

Out-of-the-box logic to handle orders from placement to post-delivery services. Tailor the order process to your needs while seamlessly connecting with other systems.

Seamless Order Management

  • Full order lifecycle management

  • Manage orders across multiple channels

  • Set up automated return and exchange flows

  • Track order statuses from end-to-end

  • Make payment collections for outstanding payments

  • Get detailed payment and fulfillment overviews

  • Create Draft orders from the admin

  • Support subscription and B2B orders

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    Handle in-store order fulfillment natively

Connect and customize

  • Sync orders with your ERP system using Workflows

  • Inject custom widgets in the order admin page

  • Add custom order attributes

  • Easily export order data to other systems

  • Rip and replace with your own custom OMS

  • Set up custom Workflows for order creations

  • Works with all Medusa modules

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    Ships as a standalone npm package

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    Use standalone with your own systems


Get Started

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