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Medusa Plugin Dashboard by SpearDevs

The Medusa Plugin Dashboard streamlines your e-commerce tracking and management through a single, easy-to-use interface.


  • Sales Overview: Keep track of your daily revenue, orders, and average order value with our sales graph.
  • Activity Feed: Stay updated with the latest customer purchases on your store.
  • Actionable Insights: Quickly identify orders to fulfill, shipments to send out, stock levels, returns, and swaps to manage.


Ensure that you have the Medusa backend set up. You can find the installation guide for the Medusa backend here.
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How to Install

1. Run the following command in the directory of the Medusa backend:
npm install medusa-plugin-dashboard
2. In
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add the following at the end of the
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const plugins = [
// ...
resolve: `medusa-plugin-dashboard`,
options: {
enableUI: true,

Build your own plugins

Develop your own plugins with our API to speed up your processes.

Make your plugin available via npm for it to be shared in our Plugin Library with the broader Medusa community.