Cart Module

Cart Module

Cart service for all contexts

Create unique checkout experiences with a Cart Module that fits into any commerce context. Control everything from total calculations to shipping and payment options associated with different carts.


Create unique checkout experiences

The Cart Module gives flexibility to build unique checkout experiences. Control the cart logic, implement in any storefront, and build custom checkout flows around it.

Implement in any store

Handle cart processes and checkout flows for webshops, POS systems, SaaS products, marketplaces, and more.

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Control cart calculations

Built-in total calculations that let you apply different tax, discount, and shipping logic based on the cart context.

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Build unique checkout experiences

Make your checkout experience stand out. Build a bespoke checkout flow that fits your requirements and brand.

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Learn more

Custom checkout with Workflows.

Use Workflows to add custom actions and interact with other systems during the checkout flow. The Cart Module can be used with Medusa’s modules or standalone with other third-party systems.

Shipping and payment flexibility

Associate carts with regions or sales channels to provide tailored payment and shipping methods to your customers.

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Share and recover carts

Carts are persisted and can be shared between customers or retrieved upon a store return.

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Multi-purpose Cart Module

Orders, quotes, exchanges, draft orders, payment links, and claims are all handled and validated by the Cart Module.

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The Next.js Starter Template

Get started with Next.js 14 and Medusa with the pre-built storefront template. All the latest features, all in open-source.


Customizable Cart Module
for unique checkout experiences

Power checkout experiences across all commerce contexts.

Cart and checkout features

  • Collect customer items for purchase

  • Include discount, shipping, and tax in total calculations

  • Use cart regions to localize shipping and payment

  • Add shipping and billing info to cart

  • Associate carts with sales channels or customers

  • Auto-retrieve old carts for customers

  • Use for exchanges, draft orders, claims, and more

  • Works with all Medusa modules

  • Included in the Next.js starter

Customize to fit your case

  • Use in any type of storefront

  • No limit to how you set up your checkout

  • Make adjustment to cart line items

  • Add custom cart steps using Workflows

  • Works with all Medusa modules

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    Use standalone with your own systems

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    Extend with your own custom data models

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    Ships as a standalone npm package

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    Optimized for serverless deployment


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