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Next.js Commerce Template for Medusa

Build your custom Next.js storefront, already connected to Medusa’s backend modules. All the latest features. Fully open-source.

Built with open source technologies:

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Effortlessly build fast Next.js ecommerce sites

The Next.js Starter Template for Medusa enables developers to build high-performing ecommerce stores fast. Medusa handles essential ecommerce logic such as carts, products, orders, and more. All of it is easily customizable to suit your unique use case.

The template provides complete support for Next.js 14, including App Router. It integrates with Medusa's new Serverless Modules. Integrations for PayPal, Stripe, Algolia, and Meilisearch are also built-in, ensuring a quick setup process.

Essential ecommerce features

Packed with features for your Next.js ecommerce project


Full ecommerce support

Effortlessly manage products, inventory, orders, customers, currencies, sales channels, and more with Medusa.


Next.js 14

Up to date with the latest Next.js version, benefiting from new features, enhancements, and security patches.


App Router

Full support of Next.js App Router, the new paradigm for building applications using React's latest features.


Fully customizable

Medusa's open architecture is easily extended and customized to your specific business needs.


Customer Accounts

Personalize experiences with easy-to-use customer account features for order tracking and profile management.


Checkout with PayPal and Stripe

Built-in support for PayPal and Stripe for smooth and secure transactions. More providers available with plugins.

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What is Medusa?

Medusa is a set of open-source Node.js packages with core commerce logic for carts, products, orders, and more. Combined, the packages provide a digital commerce SDK. Unlike traditional ecommerce platforms, Medusa is easily extended and customized when needed.

Is Next.js good for ecommerce?

Certainly! Next.js is well-suited for ecommerce thanks to its performance and SEO advantages. Combined with Medusa, using our Next.js Commerce Template, you're ready to start building online stores that can be easily customized.

Who is this Next.js ecommerce starter for?

This Next.js Commerce Template is for devs of all experience levels who want a head start for their Next.js ecommerce project. It has all the essential ecommerce building blocks out of the box, so you can start working on the fun stuff right away.

Is this a Next.js storefront only?

The Next.js Commerce Template provides a Next.js storefront connected to our Medusa backend modules that handle ecommerce logic such as carts, customers, products, and more. The Next.js Commerce Template works with new and existing Medusa backends.

Who uses Medusa?

We have an active community of thousands of devs and are currently the #1 ecommerce project on GitHub. Among our users are triple-A brands, fast-growing startups, enterprises, and agencies. Check out our Tekla and Good Chef user stories, or join our Discord to hear more.

Does Medusa work with [insert tool name]?

Short answer: it probably does. We have +100 plugins ready to use, both official and community maintained. If it doesn't work with your stack out of the box, it should be fairly easy to extend Medusa's functionality yourself due to our open architecture.

Is Medusa open source?

Yes, all source code is freely available on GitHub. Same for the Next.js Commerce Template.

Is this Next.js Commerce Template free?

Yep, it's free. All of the code base for the Next.js Starter Template is freely available in this repo.