Payment Module

Payment Module

Payment on your terms

Control transaction and payment logic, while integrating with your preferred local payment processors. Medusa lets you handle all types of custom payment flows from ERP-based invoicing to installment payments, and more.


Localized payment experiences that you control

Select your favorite payment processors and offer customers multiple payment options in each region. Track payment statuses of individual orders directly within your Medusa Admin.

Integrate with any payment processor

Use the pre-built integrations for payment processors, or build your own integrations to local solutions.

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Localize payment options

Control the payment options available in each of your regions through the Medusa Admin.

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Manage additional payments

Collect additional payments for order edits or installment payments using payment collections.

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Capture payments

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Authorize and capture payments during checkout using Payment Sessions in the Medusa Admin.

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Customize Everything

Extend and build custom payment workflows

Build your own workflows to connect with your ERP system, handle payment collections, and much more. Add Widgets to your Medusa Admin to control any custom logic you add.

Build custom payment flows

Use Medusa workflows to set up custom steps in the payment process, such as synchronising payments with your ERP or sending payment links to handle additional payments in a swap.

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Part of a pluggable architecture

Our framework lets you orchestrate your commerce stack as you prefer. Integrate your favorite tools or replace Medusa’s modules with third-party systems without full data migrations or syncs.

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Widgets and UI Routes icon

Widgets and UI Routes

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Add custom payment widgets.

Use Widgets and the Medusa UI library to inject native-looking custom functionality into the Medusa Admin pages.


Adaptable payment logic

Handle payments and transactions, localize the payment options, and customize it all to your needs.

Handle all payments

  • Integrate with any payment processor

  • Use the pre-built payment integrations

  • Localize your payment options

  • Manage payment refunds

  • Track customers’ payment statuses

  • Set multiple payment options per region

  • Use Payment Collections for additional payments.

  • Included in Next.js starter

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    Capture payments using Payment Sessions

Connect and customize

  • Build own payment integrations

  • Add payment Widgets to the Medusa Admin

  • Handle payments through your ERP or POS system

  • Use standalone with your own systems

  • Works with all Medusa modules

  • Use Workflows to connect with third-party systems

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    Extend with your own custom data models

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    Rip and replace with your own custom system

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    Use Workflows to connect with third-party systems


Get Started

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