Tax Module

Tax Module

Stay compliant with local tax rules

Set tax rates for different regions and determine how the rules should apply to different products and shipping methods. Easily delegate tax logic to external tax providers or set up your own custom logic.


Granular tax control across markets

Use tax inclusive pricing, set up special product taxes, or include tax on shipping. Configure your taxes for each region directly in your Medusa Admin.

Regional tax rates

Set up multiple tax types and rates, or use tax inclusive pricing for certain regions.

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Advanced tax rules

Include special tax preferences like tax on gift cards or use of external tax providers.

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Product and shipping tax

Add special tax overrides for certain products or shipping methods.

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Customize Everything

Custom tax logic for all contexts

Set up custom tax rules or use external tax providers to control tax settings within each region.

Customize the tax data

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Easily extend the modules with your own data models to cater to special tax logic.

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External tax services

Delegate tax handling for certain regions to external tax services.

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Admin tax widgets

Inject custom tax widgets into your Medusa Admin for more granular control.

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Use in your Next.js project

Get started with Next.js 14 and Medusa with our pre-built storefront template. All the latest features, all in open-source.


Localized tax rules for all markets

Stay compliant with local tax rules by setting up custom tax logic for each of your regions.

Tax engine

  • Set regional tax rates and tax codes

  • Support tax inclusive pricing

  • Override tax for special products or categories

  • Add tax overrides to select shipping options

  • Set tax on gift cards

  • Manage all tax rules in your Medusa Admin

Customize to your needs

  • Set up custom tax settings

  • Integrate with external tax providers using Workflows

  • Add custom tax widgets to your Medusa Admin

  • Works with all Medusa modules

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    Extend tax rules for your own custom data models

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    Use standalone with your own systems

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    Ships as standalone npm package


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