Product Module

Product Module

Handle vast product catalogs with ease

Handle thousands of products and variants using bulk edits, advanced categorization tooling, and intuitive product pages. Easily create rich product showcases and control availability across customers and channels.


All the product features you need

The features you need to create, manage, and enrich your products. All accessible through Medusa’s APIs and managed via a user-friendly Admin Dashboard.

Detailed assortment control

Control sales channel availability and organize your products using tags, types, categories, and collections.

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Create rich product pages

Take full control of your product pages and customize product attributes, media assets, handles, descriptions, and more.

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Handle product catalogs at scale

Use the spreadsheet-like Bulk editor or CSV imports to handle catalogs with millions of SKUs and unlimited variants.

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Detailed assortment control

Control sales channel availability and organize your products using tags, types, categories, and collections.

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Stock control for millions of variants

Set up unlimited variants for your products and control availability across multiple stock locations.

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User Story

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Handling +50,000 B2B products.
A case about Catalog.

Learn how Catalog used Medusa to build a B2B sales platform handling large product catalogs with customer- and channel-specific pricing.


Use in your Next.js project

The Product module works with the Next.js Starter Template. The template allows you to build custom Next.js storefronts connected to Medusa's backend modules.

Customize Everything

Customize for your specific use case

Easily customize product properties or extend the product entity to fit your use case. You can even replace the entire Product Module with your own custom logic or PIM.

Custom Product properties and attributes

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Easily extend the Product Module with your own custom attributes and extend with your own data models.

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Use your own PIM or ERP

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Our framework lets you orchestrate your commerce stack as you prefer. Integrate your favorite tools or replace Medusa’s modules with third-party systems without full data migrations or syncs.

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Widgets and UI Routes

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Easily modify your product pages.

Make product customizations available with easily accessible UI. Extend your product pages using Widgets and the Medusa UI Library.


Own your Product logic

Handle product catalogs at scale with endless customization options.

Accessible through APIs and Admin UI

  • Control all product and variant attributes

  • Upload product media and photos

  • Set up different regional prices and currencies

  • Make bulk edits using CSV uploads or the Bulk Editor

  • Set up advanced product category trees

  • Control product types, tags, and collections

  • Track product inventory

  • Manage sales channel and customer group availability

  • Create unlimited variants

  • Included in Next.js starter

Control the product experience

  • Customize and add own product options

  • Use standalone with your own systems

  • Create custom Product page widgets

  • Replace with your own PIM or ERP

  • Optimized for serverless deployment

  • Works with all Medusa modules

  • Connects with third-party systems using Workflows

  • Fully open-source and ships as npm

  • !

    Add custom attributes and properties


Get Started

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