Customer Module


Cater your commerce to all customers

Serve all customer types, from B2C customers with self-serve options to B2B accounts and customer groups with special product and pricing configurations. All configurable directly from your admin.


Easily manage individual customers and groups

Get an overview of your customers, set up customer groups, and manage their orders and contact information from the admin. Use Medusa's primitives for logins, permissions, and user authentication to control customer access.

Customer overview

Manage all your customers directly from the Medusa Admin, and swiftly make bulk customer imports and exports.

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Advanced customer accounts

View and modify customer profiles and order details from the Medusa Admin.

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B2B, VIPs, and other customer groups

Create custom pricing and product rules for customer groups to handle B2B customers, VIP customers, and more.

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RBAC and permissions

Set up role-based access control to give customers different permissions or guard access to certain products or prices.

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Customer login and authentication

Use the Authentication Module to let customers sign in with Google, SAML, or social logins.

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User Story

Learn more

B2B customer profiles.
A case about Catalog.

Learn how Catalog added an Organization ID to their B2B customers to give them different product and price list access.

Customize Everything

Flexible customer model

Customize and extend the entire Customer Module or set up custom workflows to fit your needs. Make customizations accessible for store operators with Widgets in the Medusa Admin.

Easily modify your customer profile page

Use Widgets and the Medusa UI library to inject native-looking custom functionality into the Medusa Admin pages.

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Build custom logic using workflows

Use workflows to craft personalized customer experiences, for instance, set up a workflow to synchronize customer groups with Meta, Google, Klaviyo, and more.

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Use in your Next.js project

The Customer Module works with the Next.js Starter Template. The template allows you to build a custom Next.js storefront connected to Medusa’s backend modules.

Add your own customer attributes

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The Customer Module is fully customizable. You can customize the customer entity and add your own customer attributes if needed.

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Part of a pluggable architecture

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Our framework lets you orchestrate your commerce stack as you prefer. Integrate your favorite tools or replace the Medusa modules with third-party systems without full data migrations or syncs.

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Core customer logic for your commerce setup

Features to serve any customer type and extendable to fit your specific needs.

Core customer features

  • Access and modify customers in the admin

  • View customer's order history

  • Set up customer login and authentication

  • Create own customer groups

  • Import and export of customer lists

  • RBAC and permissions

  • Support B2C and B2B customer handling

  • Included in the Next.js starter

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    Transfer orders to other customers

Connect and customize

  • Add custom customer attributes

  • Add Widgets to the customer admin page

  • Import customer profiles via batch jobs

  • Rip and replace with your own custom system

  • Sync with marketing tools using Workflows

  • Works with all Medusa modules

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    Use standalone with your own systems

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    Use Workflows to connect with third-party systems

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    Ships as a standalone npm package


Get Started

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