Inventory Module

Inventory Module

Omnichannel inventory handling

Easily handle inventory across multiple sales channels and warehouses, and get real-time overview of your stock.


Handle inventory across multiple locations

Easily manage inventory and product reservations across stock locations and sales channels.

Real time inventory overview

Keep track of your inventory across multiple locations in real time. Meanwhile, the reservation management reserves orders that are not yet fulfilled to ensure you never oversell out-of-stock items.

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Share inventory across products

new feature

Associate multiple inventory items with one product (e.g. table top and legs). Or share an inventory item across multiple products (e.g. a door handle for multiple doors).

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User Story

Learn more

Omnichannel inventory handling at Tekla

Learn how Tekla manages inventory across their showroom and online warehouse to create an ominchannel experience for their customers.

True omnichannel experiences

Easily support omnichannel experiences like enabling product reservations or making home-delivery orders in-store.

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Multi-warehouse support

Set up multiple stock locations and fulfill, return, exchange, or split orders across locations.

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Customize Everything

Customize to your inventory needs

Build admin extensions to your inventory overview or replace the Inventory Module with your own service.

Add custom inventory widgets

Use Widgets and the Medusa UI library to inject native-looking custom functionality into the Medusa Admin pages.

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Part of a pluggable architecture

new feature

Our framework lets you orchestrate your commerce stack as you prefer. Integrate your favorite tools or replace Medusa’s modules with third-party systems without full data migrations or syncs.

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Inventory handling for omnichannel businesses

Handle complex inventory operations, multi-warehouse, and reservations with ease.

Core inventory features

  • Real time overview of your stock and reservations

  • View inventory across channels and locations

  • Support advanced multi-warehouse setups

  • Included in Next.js Starter

  • Share and bundle inventory across products

  • Split orders across multiple locations

  • Keep in-store inventory in your Medusa backend

  • Let customers make online product reservations

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    Avoid overselling with reservation management

Connect and customize

  • Rip and replace with your own inventory system

  • Optimized for serverless deployment

  • Sync with your own WMS using Workflows

  • Works with all Medusa modules

  • Connect with any third-party systems

  • Fully open-source and ships as npm package

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    Add custom widgets to the inventory admin page

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    Use standalone with your own systems

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    Extend with your own custom data models


Get Started

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