Region Module

Region Module

Built to handle cross-border commerce

Let your store sell globally with local payment and shipping options, currencies, taxes, and more. Open up for sales in a new region within minutes through your Medusa Admin.


Fit into any local context

Advanced local tax rules, special shipping options, or support of local payment solutions. With the Region Module, you can configure your store to support the local context of your regions.

Set your own regions

Set up custom regions that share currency, payment and shipping options, and more.

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Set local tax rules

Select local currencies and integrate with the tax module to set up tailored tax logic for each region.

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Medusa was built to handle multi-regional setups from day 1. Get started with the recipe.

Localize payment options

Leverage the directory of pre-built payment plugins and give customers access to their favorite regional payment solutions.

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Use you own regional payment solutions

Let the docs guide you on how to set up integrations for your local payment providers not already supported by Medusa.

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Customize to fit your regional needs

Customize the Region Module to to fit you local context by extending the data model or add regional widgets.

Customize the region data

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Easily extend the Region Module with your own data models and add additional region attributes.

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Add custom region widgets

Use Widgets and the Medusa UI library to inject native-looking custom functionality into the Medusa Admin pages.

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User Story

Learn more

Going global in 6 weeks.
A case about Palmes Tennis Society.

Learn how Palmes Tennis Society launched a global D2C brand, selling in over 40 different countries, in less than six weeks.


The best solution for cross-boarder commerce

All the features and customization options you need to operate a global commerce setup.

Support a cross boarder setup

  • Set up unlimited regions to operate within

  • Control local shipping and return options

  • Add local payment and fulfillment providers

  • Set localized currency and tax rates

  • Make granular regional tax and shipping adjustments

  • Included in Next.js Starter

Unlimited customization

  • Set up any regional rules for your store

  • Configure you own regional groupings

  • Rip and replace with your own custom system

  • Works with all Medusa modules

  • Use Workflows to connect with third-party systems

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    Extend with your own custom data models

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    Add custom Widgets to the region admin page

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    Use standalone with your own systems

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    Ships as a standalone npm package


Get Started

Copy the command and get started with Medusa in 3 mins.