Promotion Module

    Promotion Module

    Configurable promotion engine for all contexts

    Easily set up advanced conditional logic for any type of promotion in your Medusa Admin. Create bundled discounts, free shipping coupons, unique customer group promotions, and much more.


    Tailored promotions for any situation

    Compute discounts based on coupons, cart items, or customer context such as regions or customer groups.

    Templates for product, order, and shipping discounts

    Use promotion templates to set up discounts for bundles, product types, cart spend, and more.

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    Targeted customer promotions

    Set conditions to determine what regions, currencies, sales channels, or customer groups a promotion should be available to.

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    Manage all promotions in your admin

    Handle all your promotions in the Medusa Admin and manage settings like end date, channel, and customer eligibility, etc.

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    Easily add to campaigns

    Add promotions to campaigns and set budgets, track spending, control start/end dates, and more.

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    Advanced promotions

    Learn more

    Set up advanced promotion logic to determine how your different discounts should work.

    Customize Everything

    Custom promotions that fit your architecture

    The Promotion Module works with other modules, standalone, or alongside third-party systems. Use the promotions API to create custom promotions logic.

    Add custom promotions logic

    Use the promotions API to add your own custom promotions logic and conditions, or extend it with your own custom data models.

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    Part of a pluggable architecture

    Our framework lets you orchestrate your commerce stack as you prefer. Integrate your favorite tools or replace Medusa’s modules with third-party systems without full data migrations or syncs.

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    Advanced promotion logic for all contexts

    Create conditional promotion rules that are easily controllable from the Medusa Admin and can fit in any architecture.

    Conditional promotion engine

    • Set advanced conditional promotions rules

    • Manage all promotions in your admin

    • Target promotions toward regions or customers

    • Intuitive UI flows to create conditional promotions

    • Base discounts on cart items or value

    • Support “Buy X get Y” and “Spend X get Y” discounts

    • Handle bundle discounts

    • Associate promotions with campaigns

    • Apply promotions automatically based on cart context (no coupon)

    Customize for any context

    • Add your own custom rules via the Promotions API

    • Add custom Widgets to the Promotion admin page

    • Create custom promotions from the Admin

    • Add custom Widgets to the Promotion admin page

    • Replaceable with your own promotions engine

    • Connects with third-party systems using Workflows

    • Works with all Medusa modules

    • Fully open-source and ships as npm

    • Use standalone with your own systems


    Get Started

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