Recap 4

· Release candidate out next month.

A commerce platform with a built-in framework for customization

New and powerful commerce features. Decoupled module architecture for composability and incremental adoption. Strong framework defaults for endless, native customization.

Admin redesign icon

Admin redesign

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Fully redesigned admin interface with a more cohesive look and feel.

All-new look and feel. With 2.0, we are redesigning every screen for a consistent, cohesive admin experience, better responsiveness, and the option to switch between light and dark mode.

Admin is migrated to Vite for better DX. This enables HMR and faster dev builds for quicker development of custom Admin UI Routes and Widgets.
Admin light
Admin light
New commerce features icon

New commerce features

New commerce features in 2.0.

Medusa 2.0 introduces improved API performance and great new features that make building high-converting commerce applications easier.

Buy online, pick up in-store

Create omnichannel experiences. Enable in-store order fulfillment and let customers buy online and pick up in-store. All supported natively with Medusa 2.0 now.

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Multi-part products and shared inventory

Associate multiple inventory items with one product (e.g. table top and legs). Or share items across multiple products (e.g. a door handle for multiple doors).

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New scoped authentication methods

Build authenticated commerce experiences faster than ever before. Sign in with Google and other auth providers, and create custom authentication scopes.

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Create granular promotions with the new rules engine. Use conditions to create bundled discounts, buy-get, spend-get, temporary campaigns, and more.

Promotions in 2.0
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Fully modularized architecture

Decoupled architecture for more flexibility and gradual adoption.

In Medusa 2.0, modules are decoupled, enabling greater composability, use of standalone modules, and support for incremental module adoption.

Adopt Medusa modules incrementally

Medusa 2.0 eliminates database-level dependencies between commerce modules. This allows you to use only a few Medusa modules at a time without doing large data migrations first.

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Integrate with 3rd parties

The new architecture lets you replace Medusa modules with 3rd-party services or your own custom-built products. Medusa defines interfaces for all modules to make deep integrations easy to set up.

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New Index Engine for data querying

Query data across your stack. Create data relationships between modules with the new Link Modules and write queries that fetch data across your stack, including from 3rd-party systems.

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With Medusa 2.0, modules are orchestrated through workflows to guarantee data consistency across your stack. Extend and customize workflows to run custom logic, validation steps, and much more.


Complete modules suites

All our Commerce logic, separated into 17 modules. Each module can be adopted independently and is replaceable with your own custom system or logic.

Cart & Purchase


Cart Module

Create unique checkout experiences with a Cart Module that fits into any commerce context. Control everything from total calculations to shipping and payment options associated with different carts.


Customer Module

Serve all customer types, from B2C customers with self-serve options to B2B accounts and customer groups with special product and pricing configurations. All configurable directly from your admin.


Payment Module

Control transaction and payment logic, while integrating with your preferred local payment processors. Medusa lets you handle all types of custom payment flows from ERP-based invoicing to installment payments, and more.

Framework icon


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Built-in server framework for customizations.

Medusa 2.0 ships with a fully fledged server framework to build native customizations that are easy to maintain and evolve. Medusa’s framework lets you build commerce applications and digital transformations in weeks, not years.


Use Medusa’s built-in event system to subscribe and respond to events like order.placed, product.created, and more.

Admin Extensions

Inject custom React components into existing Admin pages using Widgets or create new pages from scratch using UI Routes.

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API Routes

Expose endpoints in your Medusa application with API Routes, allowing you to listen to webhooks, run custom logic, and more.

Link Modules

new feature

Connect two or more modules through remote joiners, for users to query information from multiple modules in one request.

Long Running Workflows

new feature

Orchestrate and automate actions across multiple systems like ERP, PIM, or CMS with built-in retries and rollbacks.

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Cron Jobs

Perform scheduled jobs to automate repetitive work on a recurring basis.

Custom modules

new feature

Build own custom modules to supplement the Medusa modules and easily set up your own data models to support them.

Index Engine

(Coming in later version)

Make fast queries with optimized data retrieval across third-party tools, custom modules, and existing Medusa modules.

Medusa 2.0 is ready for your enterprise needs

  • Incremental adoption path

  • Plug in your own systems

  • Advanced authentication

  • Fast and native customizations

  • Multi-channel and multi-region

  • Add your own data models

  • Handle millions of orders

  • Global implementation support

  • Composable and scaleable

  • SLA-backed Premium Support

Powering global brands and fast scaling startups

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By the way. We are building a new PaaS offering for easy deployment of your Medusa project. Sign up and learn more.

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Mid to large projects

Medusa Cloud

Host your Medusa project on a scalable infrastructure that does not compromise your customization flexibility.

  • Deploy directly from your GitHub repo

  • Tailored infrastructure for Medusa

  • Dynamic scaling to meet peek traffic

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing

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