Giftcard Module

Giftcard MODULE

Build loyalty with custom gift cards

Create custom gift cards to your customers and manage them all via your Medusa Admin.


Manage from your admin

Create, view, and modify all of your gift cards from one place and add them directly to your product assortment.

Add and modify gift cards

Create and modify gift cards directly in your Medusa Admin.

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Offer gift cards as a product

Add gift cards to your product assortment and set variants, channels, and more.

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View individual gift card info

Access expiration and balance info in the admin or via customer profiles.

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Gift carding made simple

Manage all of your store and admin API keys through Medusa.

Manage your gift cards

  • Manage all your gift cards in the Medusa Admin

  • Unique creation flow to set up custom gift cards

  • View gift card balances

  • Sell gift cards as products

  • Control type, collections, tags, categories, and more

  • Included in Next.js starter

  • Associate gift card with sales channels or regions

  • Send gift cards directly to customers via mail

Customize to your needs

  • Create your own custom Gift Card rules

  • Works with all Medusa modules

  • Works with all Medusa modules

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    Use Workflows to connect with third-party systems

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    Extend the Gift Card data model

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    Ships as a standalone npm package


Get Started

Copy the command and get started with Medusa in 3 mins.