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Build advanced Workflows across your stack, and seamlessly add custom logic to your backend and Admin. Explore our work from the past 12 weeks.

Introducing Workflows



Build custom commerce interactions. Integrate your systems. Automate your operations. Workflows orchestrate actions across your stack with built-in retries and rollbacks.

Define a step

A Workflow Step performs a query or action in a system. Steps can receive inputs from previous steps and return data to be used in subsequent steps. You can resolve services in your steps allowing to quickly build business logic involving Medusa's core commerce modules or your 3rd party or custom systems.

import { createStep, StepResponse, createWorkflow } from "@medusajs/workflows-sdk"
const reserveInventory = createStep(
async (cart, context) => {
const inventoryService = context.container.resolve("inventoryService")
await inventoryService.reserveInventory(cart.items)
return new StepResponse({ success: true })
Define a workflow

To connect multiple steps together you create a Workflow. Creating a Workflow is like writing any other function. Behind the scenes Medusa generates a representation of your workflow that enables automatic retries of steps if they fail.

Rollback on permanent failures

If step retries don't succeed, Medusa will rollback previous steps. A rollback will call a step's compensation method, ensuring your data is kept consistent across systems.

Run your workflow

You can trigger your workflows anywhere in Medusa. Use your workflows in API Routes to start them in response to an API request or webhook. Start them in response to events with Subscribers. Or have them run on a defined schedule with Jobs.

Get started with Workflows

Automate manual tasks and turn flaky, undocumented integrations into Workflows built on a foundation that keeps improving. Reuse and extend with no fear.

Synchronize ads audiences

Synchronize your Customer Groups with Meta, Google, Klaviyo, and more.

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Automate ERP flows

Sync orders and inventory. Integrate purchase orders and WMS inbounds.

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Integrate your PIM system

Ensure product data is in sync across Medusa, CMS, ERP, Marketing tools, etc.

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Long running workflows

Coming soon

Build human-in-the-loop Workflows, and keep track of asynchronous operations like return management, pre-orders, and much more.

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New Standalone Commerce Modules

Use our standalone modules in any Node project, or in concert with Medusa.


Product Module

Manage product information, build categories, and more.


Pricing Module

Define granular pricing rules and display the correct price every time.


Inventory Module

Get your stock levels right - across locations, in real-time.


Sales Channel Module

Coming Soon
Building Blocks

API Routes, Subscribers, and Scheduled Jobs

Trigger workflows and run custom logic in Medusa’s improved API Routes, Subscribers, and Scheduled Jobs.

Add Endpoints to your Medusa application with API Routes

Expose an endpoint in your Medusa application that will run as requests come in. Use API Routes to run custom logic or trigger workflows.

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React to events from across your digital commerce stack with Subscribers

Use Subscribers to perform actions every time an order is created, a new customer signs up, or anything else. Subscribers, like API Routes, can run custom logic or trigger workflows.

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Perform scheduled jobs to automate repetitive work

Need to share a weekly sales report every Monday in Slack or perform an inventory audit every night? Scheduled Jobs can be configured to perform tasks on a specific schedule.

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Improved and more extensible Admin

Medusa’s Admin dashboard is more customizable than ever. Add custom Widgets and UI Routes to support your business workflows to always have the full picture of your digital commerce operations.

Inject custom React components into existing Dashboard pages with Widgets or create custom pages with UI Routes.
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Showcase: AI Order Assistant

Medusa is a perfect place to integrate AI Agents to help manage your business. Learn how to use Admin Extensions, API Routes and services to build an AI-powered order assistant.
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Medusa UI on Figma Community

We have open sourced our design file for Medusa UI. This allows you to use Medusa UI in your own designs. Go grab your copy.

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Next.js Starter

Feature-rich and modern storefront starter

Our storefront starter now supports Next.js 14, offers better product search, and works with Medusa's newest features and modules. Redesigned using our UI components.

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Medusa keeps improving

Throughout the past months, we have shipped numerous improvements. Here are some highlights.

Improved API Reference Docs

Medusa’s API reference has been updated with a fresh design and is more performant than ever.

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Better Price Lists

Use Price Lists to differentiate prices based on conditions such as customer groups, sales channels, regions, and more.

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New Authentication Methods

Medusa has new authentication methods and stronger security foundation.

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Bulk Editor

Speed up your data management processes with a spreadsheet-like UX.

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Improved Import / Export

Load data into Medusa faster. Use custom strategies for parsing your files.

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New Use Cases

Powering commerce in +40 countries

From fast-growing startups to complex global corporations. New users across the globe are trusting Medusa to power and orchestrate their commerce infrastructure.