Recap - June 2023


What's new

Medusa gets better every week. Here’s the work we did over the past 10 weeks to streamline development and power your digital commerce applications.

Product Module


Serverless modules enable developers to use Medusa in new, powerful environments, like Vercel, with an amazing developer experience.

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Query product data in any application

The new Product Module ships as an npm package that you can install into any Node application. Initializing the module gives you instant access to your product data right where you need it.

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Customize logic and deliver personalized experiences

Build logic tailored to your needs around the Product Module. Create personalized queries with impressive performance.

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Deploy modules to serverless environments

The new Product Module runs anywhere Node runs. This means you can deploy to serverless environments like Vercel Functions and get dynamic scaling that meets demands during peak traffic and scales down to save costs when things cool off.

Personalized Front Page Demo

Learn how to use the new Product Module with Next.js to create a personalized ecommerce frontpage.

View Product



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Commerce building blocks for Next.js

Medusa's modules work seamlessly with Next.js for amazing customer experiences, quick iterations, and fast storefronts.

import { initialize } from "@medusajs/product"
import { NextRequest, NextResponse } from "next/server"
export async function GET(req: NextRequest) {
// Initialize Products Module
const productService = await initialize()
// Get products
const products = await productService.list(
{ tags: { value: ["featured"] } },
{ take: 5 },
return NextResponse.json({
data: products,

Next.js Starter Template

Get started with Next.js 13 and Medusa with our pre-built template.

  • App Router Support

  • Product Module Support

  • Full ecommerce setup

  • Customer Accounts

  • Checkout with Stripe

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Admin Extensibility


Add custom React components to the Admin dashboard to enrich information and enable custom workflows for merchants.

Inject Widgets on existing Admin pages

Widgets allow you to add custom React components to existing Admin pages to enrich information about Orders, Products, etc.

Take full control with UI Routes

Page Extensions give you a blank canvas to add anything you need to ensure efficient store operations.

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Exceptional developer experience

If you know the basics of React you know how to create great Admin Extensions. With the Admin SDK we provide helpful tools to enable quick development.

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Get quick access to payments made through Stripe and view risk evaluation on the Order details page.
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Omnichannel Inventory Management

We have improved multi-warehouse management to expand the toolbox for omnichannel experiences and give merchants and overview of their stock.

View and manage Reservations

Quickly understand what orders your stock is allocated toward and create Reservations for customers or omnichannel experiences.

Filters to find what you need

You can now filter Reservations by creation date, quantity, description, and more. This makes it easy to find where stock is allocated and make changes if needed.

Book-online-try-in-store demo

Learn how to use the Inventory module and Next.js functions, to allow customers to reserve an item online and try it in-store before purchase.

Book Try-On

It's booked!

Check out the demo to see how to build omnichannel experiences like this.



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