Announcing Multi-language support in Medusa Admin

Sep 18, 2023 by

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Oliver Juhl

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Oliver Juhl

Following our latest community contribution, Medusa Admin can now be translated into your preferred language.
At Medusa, we’ve always focused heavily on empowering businesses to build products for a global audience with features like multi-currency and multi-regional support.
Today, we are excited to bring the same level of internationalization to Medusa Admin with the introduction of multi-language support. Multi-language support allows merchants to operate Medusa Admin in their preferred language by choosing from already-supported locales or creating new translations themselves.
This version includes translations in English, French, and Portuguese.

Configuring your language

To configure your preferred locale, navigate to your store settings and select it from the list of supported languages:
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The configuration will be specific to you and stored in your browser. This means you don’t have to worry about messing up your co-workers’ experience when choosing the locale for your Medusa Admin. However, this also means you might occasionally need to re-configure it if the browser storage is cleared.

Adding new translations

If your preferred language is not currently supported, we encourage you to create and contribute with new translations to our project. This way, our community and users all over the world can benefit from them, and you will take part in helping us become the globally preferred commerce solution.
The process of adding a new translation file is relatively straightforward. You need to clone our project, copy one of the existing translation files, rename the file to the locale you are adding, and fill in all the translations.
For a detailed step-by-step guide, refer to our documentation covering creating new admin translations.

What’s next?

Multi-language support in Medusa Admin is the first step toward a fully internationalized merchant experience.
In the future, we will ship multi-language support to Widgets and UI Routes, so your Admin Extensions are displayed according to the locale setting of your store.
Additionally, we plan to support translation overrides, enabling you to replace existing translations with your own from your Medusa project. This feature will be useful in creating a bespoke merchant experience and will ensure that you can use admin extensions even if they are yet to be translated by the plugin author.


Multi-language support was built entirely by community contributors Geoffroy Empain and Mohammad Javad. We owe them a huge thanks.
This is another testimony to open-source software's power and a great motivation for us (and you) never to stop building in public.

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