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Nicklas Gellner

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Nicklas Gellner

Latest additions: New Admin translations, WordPress Integration, plugins for handling custom entities and product attributes, a Medusa Flutter Admin, and a multi-platform storefront starter.
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We love to see the continuous community contributions with new additions to our Medusa Plugin Library, new Admin translations, and new Starters and plugins being shared on our Discord. Recently, two of our Medusa Experts, Rigby and Agilo, also open-sourced some of the larger plugins they have developed. Check it all out below.

Medusa Admin translated into +20 languages

The amount of community language contributions has been exceptional since we announced multi-language support in September. Medusa now supports over 20 languages, including English, French, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, and many more. Check out all the translations or learn how you can contribute to the translation efforts.

Medusa Custom Attributes Plugin

Viktor Holik from the Medusa Expert partner, Rigby, recently contributed a new Custom Attributes Plugin that allows you to expand the current product attributes to include new ones specific to your use case, such as “furniture type” or “Year of production”. These custom attributes can be in the form of strings, numbers, booleans, or arrays.
The plugin has a UI allowing you to access all your custom attributes from a separate Custom Attributes page in your Medusa Admin. After creating a custom attribute, you can edit it for each product on the Product page using a widget. The plugin is actively used in the vintage marketplace, Patyna.
Read more about the plugin in Viktor's blog posts around it, part 1 and part 2.
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Medusa WordPress Plugin

Ante Primorac and Anamarija Papić from another Medusa Expert partner, Agilo, have built a new plugin named MedusaWP. This plugin allows you to use WordPress as a CMS with Medusa. It enables you to import various data from Medusa into WordPress, including products, collections, thumbnails, and more.
The plugin also offers an overview of your data health, identifying any sync errors, partially synced items, and successful synchs. It also includes a country switcher feature for stores with multiple regions, which updates cart regions based on the country code.
At last, the plugin provides a feature-rich set of functions for your WordPress theme. These include medusa-react utility functions for calculating and formatting prices and amounts.
You can view the full plugin and its feature set within the MedusaWP repo.
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Multi-platform starter templates for Medusa

Rodrigo Figueroa developed a starter kit, Universal Medusa, that lets you create multi-platform storefronts using Next.js and Expo with a Medusa backend.
Universal Medusa offers a comprehensive development setup that includes shared Tailwind CSS styles and components adapted for native mobile development using Nativewind. The starter mostly matches Medusa's previous feature set and design from the Next.js Starter Template.
Check out the project’s website to get started. Or check out Rodrigo’s latest Mobile Medusa starter for a React Native mobile starter.

Medusa Admin mobile (beta)

Ragheb is developing Medusa Admin Mobile, a mobile-friendly Medusa Admin app for iOS and Android. This app is built using Flutter and comes in a pre-compiled APK file for Android users. Although the app is in beta, it allows you to view and modify various aspects of your store, including settings, orders, products, customer information, discounts, gift cards, price lists, and more.
The latest version features a new look with material design and several themes. To try the application, visit the Git repository, which provides all the steps to get started. Ragheb also encourages feedback either in the project thread on Discord or in the GitHub repo.
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Ultimate Medusa Plugin (beta)

Kichou Nadir is developing the Ultimate Plugin. This plugin provides a user interface for interacting with new entities added to your Medusa store. It allows you to create, edit, view, and delete documents associated with those entities directly within the Medusa Admin. For example, if you add a blog entity (database table, service, route, loader, etc.), the plugin will allow you to manage related documents for each blog post directly from the admin dashboard.
Read more about the plugin in Kichou's documentation. Please note that the plugin is still in beta mode.

Let us know what you are building

We would love to hear about the cool projects you have created with Medusa. Whether it’s plugins, widgets, storefront starters, your own store built with Medusa, or similar.
You can share all your cool projects in the #Showcase channel on our Discord where we usually collect the latest community highlights. You can also learn how to publish your plugins on our Plugin Library using this guide in our documentation.

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