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Apr 04, 2023 by

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We are excited to announce the release of two new modules built with the new Module SDK: Inventory and Stock Locations.

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Read more about our module architecture here.

We’re excited to see what great new commerce applications will be built with these new primitives. To get started building, follow the installation guide here.

With the release of the Inventory and Stock Location modules for Medusa, we provide a lightweight default option for multi-warehousing, as well as powerful customization options for bespoke integrations or solutions.

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We’ve implemented the Multi warehousing feature using the new Module architecture. This is a powerful new pattern we are introducing to enable Medusa modules to be used within existing systems or hosted in isolated environments. An additional benefit of the modularized architecture is that Medusa core only depends on an interface. This allows you to replace Medusa’s inventory module with an IMS system of your choice. All you have to do is adhere to our Copy to clipboardIInventoryService interface.

Integrate with the systems you know

We are introducing multi-warehouse functionality in Medusa, complete with extensive support for fulfilling orders from various locations, including the ability to split orders across stock locations. Furthermore, Medusa's sophisticated return, exchange, and claim processes are fully prepared for multi-warehouse operations, guaranteeing optimal order routing. As always, you have access to an extensive array of events to subscribe to, enabling the automation of your workflows.

Flexible fulfillment options

Initially, we are launching the inventory module featuring a 1:1 mapping between variants and inventory items. Soon, we will introduce support for variants comprising multiple inventory items, such as those consisting of several components (e.g., a tabletop and legs).

Inventory is managed together with an inventory item’s variant information.

Managing inventory items

Use the overview to adjust stocked quantities or go to variants to manage inventory further.

In the Inventory section, you'll obtain a comprehensive overview of your inventory items within a specific warehouse, providing you with a clear understanding of your real-time stock.

Managing inventory

You can designate a location for Sales Channels, enabling its inventory to be readily accessible for carts and orders linked to the respective channel.

Locations are managed from the new sidebar item Inventory in a dedicated Locations tab.

Managing Locations and Sales Channels

These entities seamlessly integrate with Medusa's existing data model and effortlessly connect with the current workflows around sales channels, carts, orders, fulfillments and returns.

Reservations can be used to allocate stock at an inventory level. This will initially be used to reduce inventory availability when orders are placed. But other opportunities like reserve-online-try-in-store can also be accomplished using Reservations.


Inventory Levels hold stock information for an inventory item at a specific location.

Inventory Item Levels

Inventory Items represent your stock-kept items.

Inventory Items

Use Stock Locations to register information about each location where you store inventory.

Stock Locations

The Inventory and Stock Location modules come with the following new building blocks:

Medusa delivers versatile commerce primitives and tools designed to adapt seamlessly as your requirements evolve. Our new inventory management features follow suit, offering a clear pathway for integration with third-party tools, customization with your unique business logic, and exceptional portability to craft distinct commerce experiences.

New primitives to manage inventory

As commerce businesses expand, they inevitably encounter the need to maintain inventory across multiple locations, such as global distribution centers or brick-and-mortar stores. Medusa now offers a comprehensive, ready-to-use solution for effectively managing inventory across various locations and streamlining order fulfillment processes.

We are excited to announce the release of two new modules built with the new Module SDK: Inventory and Stock Locations. Together, these modules unlock powerful Multi-Warehouse management capabilities for Medusa.

You can learn more about the Multi-Warehouse functionality in our documentation.

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