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SMTP Notification

A notification service based on nodemailer using SMTP


It uses the email-templates npm package and pug for rendering html emails. Documentation for this can be found at forwardemail/email-templates.

Available options (default configuration)

fromEmail: "no-reply@blancsoft.com",
// transport object is input directly into nodemailer.createtransport()
// so anything that works there should work here
// see: https://nodemailer.com/smtp/#1-single-connection and https://nodemailer.com/transports/
// A SendMail transport example:
// transport: {
// sendmail: true,
// path: "/usr/sbin/sendmail",
// newline: "unix",
// },
// An Office365 SMTP transport:
transport: {
host: "smtp.office365.com",
port: 587,
secure: false,
auth: {
user: process.env.EMAIL_SENDER_ADDRESS,
pass: process.env.EMAIL_SENDER_PASS,
tls: {
ciphers: "SSLv3",
requireTLS: true,
// emailTemplatePath is the filesystem path where your email templates are stored
emailTemplatePath: "data/emailTemplates",
// templateMap maps a template name to an event type.
// The template name is a path relative to emailTemplatePath.
// Only the registered events gets subscribed.
templateMap: {
// "eventName": "templatePath",
"order.placed": "orderplaced",

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