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Medusa store-analytics

Medusa "store-analytics" is a plugin which shows analytics data of your store, including orders, sales and other useful information.


Knowledge about your store is crucial to take proper action to increase the sales. Analytics data can show various things like what is a most popular region, sales channel or on which day people are buying the most. Every such data may help to find problem and possible solutions.

Getting Started

  1. Install the package with Copy to clipboardyarn add @Jacavena/medusa-store-analytics-custom or Copy to clipboardnpm i @Jacavena/medusa-store-analytics-custom.
  2. In Copy to clipboardmedusa-config.js, add the plugin to the Copy to clipboardplugins array and set Copy to clipboardenableUI
const plugins = [
// ... other plugins
resolve: `@Jacavena/medusa-store-analytics-custom`,
options: {
enableUI: true

How can I use it?

After installation of plugin, you shall be able to see new option on sidebar. Click Copy to clipboardAnalytics and see data about your store.
Depends on the number of your orders, customers and other - it might take a while to load them all if you click wider options like Copy to clipboardLast year or Copy to clipboardAll time!


No configuration is needed. Everything is done through UI. You can use such options like:
  • set different range for dates
  • set different statuses of orders for calculation
  • enabling/disabling comparison feature

Supported statistics


4 ranges of dates
Comparison across date ranges
Filtering by orders' status


Orders by time
Orders chart
Regions popularity
Sales channel popularity
Orders frequency distribution
Payment provider popularity


Sales by time
Sales by currency code
Sales chart


New customers by time
Repeat customer rate
Customers chart
Cumulative customers by time


Top variants
Top returned variants
Products sold count
Out of the stock variantsBETA


Top discounts



Pro version

The Pro version of medusa-store-analytics expands on the features of the free version with more advanced capabilities such as
  • customizable dashboard - you can create your own dashboard with chosen statistics
  • date range picker - choose whatever date range to see statistics exactly for this range
  • more than 15 new, advanced statistics - funnels, deep insights about promotions or granular statistics per sales channels.
The Pro version is available under commercial licence - contact labs@rsoftcon.com for more information.

Hide Pro version tab

We show what advanced features we offer in "Pro version" tab. We try to keep it non-intruisive, but if you feel it differently, you can always hide this tab by setting following environment variable: Copy to clipboardMEDUSA_ADMIN_MEDUSA_STORE_ANALYTICS_HIDE_PRO=true
After restarting your admin application, you shall have this tab hidden.

Build your own plugins

Develop your own plugins with our API to speed up your processes.

Make your plugin available via npm for it to be shared in our Plugin Library with the broader Medusa community.