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May 4, 2024, 11:00:02 AM2 months ago

Mercado Pago Transparent Checkout for MedusaJS

Receive payments on your Medusa commerce application using Mercadopago Transparent Checkout.


  • Authorize payments with Credit Card using Transparent Checkout.
  • Authorize payments with PIX (Brazilian) using Transparent Checkout.
  • Support Webhooks
  • Webhook security validation


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How to Install

1. Run the following command in the directory of the Medusa backend:
#Using npm
npm install @marcosgn/medusa-payment-mercadopago
#Using yarn
yarn add @marcosgn/medusa-payment-mercadopago
2. Set the following environment variables in Copy to clipboard.env:
# Optional, but recommended in production
Generate your token here: Mercadopago developers
3. In Copy to clipboardmedusa-config.js add the following at the end of the Copy to clipboardplugins array:
const plugins = [
// ...
resolve: `@marcosgn/medusa-payment-mercadopago`,
options: {
accessToken: process.env.MERCADOPAGO_ACCESS_TOKEN,
webhookSecret: process.env.MERCADOPAGO_WEBHOOK_SECRET,
webhookUrl: process.env.MERCADOPAGO_WEBHOOK_URL,

Test the Plugin

1. Run the following command in the directory of the Medusa backend to run the backend:
#Using npm
npm run dev
yarn dev
2. Enable Mercadopago Credit Card or/and Pi in a region in the admin panel. You can refer to this User Guide to learn how to do that. Alternatively, you can use the Admin APIs.
3. Place an order using a storefront or the Store APIs. You should be able to use Mercadopago as a payment method.

Storefront Usage

Transparent checkout documentation for storefront Mercadopago Docs

Credit Card Payment

const client = useMedusaClient();
//Set provider
await client.carts.setPaymentSession(cartId, {
provider_id: "mercadopago-creditcard",
//Update required props in payment session
await client.carts.updatePaymentSession(cartId, paymentProviderId, {
data: {
token: "...", //Credit Card Token
installment: "1",
cpfCnpj: "000000000000",
holderName: "John Doe",
identificationType: "CPF",
issuerId: "...",
paymentMethodId: "master",
//Complete and capture payment
const response = await client.carts.complete(cartId);

Pix Payment

const client = useMedusaClient();
await client.carts.setPaymentSession(cartId, {
provider_id: "mercadopago-pix",
//Complete and recive PIX Qrcode
const response = await client.carts.complete(cartId);
//Copy and Paste Code
const copyPasteCode =;
//QRCode image in base64 format
const base64Image =;

Build your own plugins

Develop your own plugins with our API to speed up your processes.

Make your plugin available via npm for it to be shared in our Plugin Library with the broader Medusa community.