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May 29, 2024, 02:22:26 AMa month ago

Pinata Plugin for Medusa

So far only uploading a file is working, no deletion. Here, the environment variables are on the Copy to clipboardenv object. Include in your plugins like this:
// medusa.config
const plugins =
[ ...
, { resolve: 'medusa-file-pinata'
, options:
{ pinata_api_key: env['PINATA_API_KEY']
, pinata_api_secret: env['PINATA_API_SECRET']
, pinata_jwt: env['PINATA_JWT']
, pinata_gateway: env['PINATA_GATEWAY']

Build your own plugins

Develop your own plugins with our API to speed up your processes.

Make your plugin available via npm for it to be shared in our Plugin Library with the broader Medusa community.