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Upload files to a MinIO server.
Learn more about how you can use this plugin in the documentation.


endpoint: "",
bucket: "test",
access_key_id: "YOUR-ACCESS-KEY",
secret_access_key: "YOUR-SECRET-KEY",
// private bucket configuration
private_bucket: 'private-bucket',
private_access_key_id: "YOUR-ACCESS-KEY",
private_secret_access_key: "YOUR-SECRET-KEY",
Optionally a
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option can be specified to change the valid duration of presigned download links. The duration is configured in seconds. (Default = 60 seconds)

Configuring a private bucket in Minio

Certain operations in Medusa such as data import and export require a separate, protected bucket. The plugin will raise an error if operations used for imports and exports are invoked without the correct setup.
Configuring Minio for requires configuration of one additional option:
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which refers to the name given to the protected bucket in Minio.
Separate credentials can, optionally, be used to access the private bucket by configuring the following options:
private_access_key_id: "YOUR-ACCESS-KEY",
private_secret_access_key: "YOUR-SECRET-KEY",
If no separate access key is given the same access key will be used for both the
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and the
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