Announcement: Medusa's $8M USD Seed Round

Jul 15, 2022 by

Sebastian Rindom

Sebastian Rindom

Medusa raises $8M Seed round to build the leading e-commerce platform for developers
Today, we are proud to announce our Seed round led by LocalGlobe and Dawn Capital with participation from 20 amazing founders and operators. With the fundraise we will continue building the most powerful digital commerce platform for developers and merchants while expanding partnerships and collaborations with agencies and 3rd parties.
We have long referred to ourselves as “the open source Shopify alternative” and we are often asked how Medusa differentiates from other platforms like Shopify. The answer is that, unlike other platforms that focus on merchants, Medusa’s goal is to provide developers with the best tools for creating digital commerce applications. This doesn’t mean that we don’t keep the merchant in mind when building our product, but rather that we believe that developers will play an important role in creating the customizations and improvements necessary for the next wave of e-commerce companies to be successful.
Our architecture is based on abstractions to different areas of an e-commerce application, for example, payments, fulfillment, order management, etc. What you fill into those abstractions is up to you; you can use our defaults which give you core functionality similar to Shopify, but as business needs evolve within an area of your stack you can switch out our default and either modify the logic to fit your needs or integrate with a 3rd party tool. This gives you full control of a best-in-class composable commerce stack, instead of forcing you to build hacky workarounds as other platforms do.
Since our launch last year we have reached more than 12,000 stars on GitHub, been joined by more than 2,000 amazing e-commerce developers on Discord, and seen more than 10,000 new Medusa projects being started. Furthermore, companies, from ambitious start-ups to enterprises, have adopted Medusa, with many already using it in production.
With the Seed round, we will be building even more amazing features into Medusa before beginning development on Medusa v2.0. On the roadmap, we have things like advanced APIs for product and order management, CMS and CRM plugin interfaces, multi-warehouse support, and much more. At the same time, we will be strengthening the developer experience to make it simpler and more intuitive to extend and customize Medusa.
Furthermore, we will actively be building integrations and plugins to popular third-party tools to make it even easier to get started with a composable commerce architecture. For requests for partnerships please reach out to nick@medusajs.com.

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