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Nicklas Gellner

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Nicklas Gellner

SvelteKit Storefront starter, Medusa Admin built with Flutter, along with plugins for Postmark, blog posts management, Canada Post, and more. Here are the latest community contributions.
Medusa Community Highlights 2
The Medusa community constantly makes new additions to the Medusa ecosystem. We are always excited about these contributions, which range from plugins to platforms and templates. Currently, our Plugin Library has more than 100 open-source plugins available via npm. Below, we wanted to highlight some of the latest additions from our community members.

Latest community contributions

SvelteKit Storefront Starter for Medusa

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In our most recent community highlight, we were excited to announce the introduction of the SvelteKit client. Now, Lacey Pevey made it even easier to get started using Svelte with her new SvelteKit eCommerce Store Starter, a Svelte storefront designed to integrate with your Medusa backend seamlessly.
The starter uses the SvelteKit client behind the scenes to interact with the Medusa backend. It comes with ready-to-use pages like a product gallery and product detail pages. You will also find auth, cart, and checkout flows implemented in the starter. All the pages and flows are customizable to adapt the template to your use case.
You can watch Lacey set up Medusa with Svelte in her latest video from the Svelte Society, here.

Postmark Plugin

Bram Hammer recently contributed with a new Postmark plugin. The plugin lets you use the Postmark service as a notification provider with your Medusa backend. This can be useful for upselling and transactional emails, among other things.
Bram even took this plugin a step further by adding support for generating and attaching PDF invoices and credit notes to customer emails. Additionally, it lets you send personalized reminder emails to customers who have abandoned their cart or upselling emails to customers who have recently purchased from specific collections.

Medusa Blog Plugin

Lacey Pevey developed a blog plugin for users managing blog pages as part of their commerce site. This plugin expands the capabilities of your Medusa backend by enabling you to organize and manage blogging content.
With this plugin, you can create your own blog posts and conveniently categorize them using tags such as product, collection, or custom values already existing within your store. Additionally, it enables you to query and retrieve all your blog posts based on various criteria, including tags, categories, products, or collections, for a more user-friendly blog experience.

Medusa Admin Flutter in beta

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Ragheb is developing a mobile-optimized Medusa Admin app using Flutter for iOS and Android. The app is currently in beta, but you can test it and keep track of newly added features and enhancements by visiting its git repository.
Despite being in beta, the app already offers a range of valuable features, such as updating store settings (regions, sales channels, etc.) and managing collections of products, customers, and discounts. The app also includes a built-in dark mode feature.

Canada Post Fulfillment plugin

Alexghebo created a Canada Post plugin for integrating your Medusa backend with the Canada Post fulfillment provider, which can be utilized during the checkout process and throughout the order management workflow.
The plugin enables customers to access real-time shipping rates and track their orders. It also allows merchants to manage shipping labels, generate customs documentation, and monitor shipment statuses, ultimately enhancing the overall shopping experience for buyers and sellers.

Platform.sh for Medusa deployment

Vinnie Russo built a Platform.sh template designed to ease the deployment process for a Medusa ecommerce solution. The template includes the essential Medusa backend infrastructure, the admin dashboard, and the Next.js storefront.
The template allows users to use Platform.sh’s infrastructure to launch their Medusa ecommerce shop with a single click. Platform.sh is a PaaS that offers a unified solution for building, running, and scaling websites and applications.

Community Radar

Shout-out from the Vercel-team to our updated Medusa Next.js Starter Template with App Router support.
Lacey Pevey shows how to combine Svelte and Medusa on the latest live stream from the Svelte Society.
Adil showing off some well-deserved Medusa merch from his community contributions.

Created something cool with Medusa? Let us know!

We would love to hear about the cool projects you’ve created with Medusa. Whether it’s plugins, widgets, storefront starters, your own store built with Medusa, or anything similar.
You can share all your cool projects in the #Showcase channel on our Discord where we usually collect the latest community highlights. You can also learn how to publish your plugins on our Plugin Library using this guide in our documentation.

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