Introducing Medusa’s Plugins Library

Apr 26, 2023 by

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Nicklas Gellner

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Nicklas Gellner

Our new Plugin Library provides an overview of all Medusa plugins, including payments, notifications, shipping, CMS, storage, search, and more.
Introducing Medusa's Plugins Library
At Medusa, we empower developers to do more with less. Our modular approach to commerce tooling equips developers with the means to create rich applications without hacky workarounds.
These applications often integrate with 3rd party solutions e.g. to accept payments, which we support through easy-to-configure plugins. To make our plugins more conveniently accessible, we are excited to have recently launched our Plugin Library.
Our Medusa Plugin Library provides a simple way to view the pre-built plugins available for Medusa. The list includes plugins supported by the core team (indicated by a small Medusa logo) and community plugins that can be accessed through npm.

Covering the full commerce stack

By using Medusa commerce modules, you already get a strong commerce foundation out of the box, including support of inventory and multi-warehousing, multi-region support, multi-channel handling, advanced tax, promotion features, and more.
Our Plugin Library allows you to extend beyond these modules and quickly build a connected stack with integrations for services such as:

Contributing your own plugin

We always welcome community contributions. To get your plugin live in our Plugin Library, all you have to do is create your own Medusa plugin and publish it through npm following our publishing guidelines. Within a week the plugin will appear in the plugin library. If this is not the case, feel free to create an Issue on GitHub, and we’ll look into it.
On that note, we want to thank our community so far for helping us create an extensive plugin universe. Without your contributions, we would not have much to showcase.

More Medusa

If you want to know more about our recent release and product priorities head to our April’23 Recap. Otherwise, stay in touch via our newsletter for more product updates.

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