Top 10 Medusa Blog Posts of 2022

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In this article, we want to highlight 10 of the best and most-read articles we put out in 2022.
Top 10 Medusa Blog Posts of 2022

+172,000 article reads

+100 articles

+150 community writers

These are some of the amazing results we achieved here at Medusa when we invested more resources and focus into our content in 2022.
In this article, we want to highlight 10 of the best and most-read articles we put out in 2022. If you want to stay up to date on our newest content and product releases, then sign up to our newsletter.
If you want to become part of our community writer program, then you can read more here.

Why content is important at Medusa

As one of the most used platforms in the OS ecom space, we want to take an active part in educating developers not only about Medusa, but the space in general and the tools available.
We tailor our content towards solving community problems, researching new trends and ideas in the open source and ecommerce realm, and share company-related insights. This allows us to stay connected with the developer community, especially with the help of our community writers.
If you want to know more about Medusa itself, then you can check out our documentation for details on its features and how to get started.

10 Best Medusa Articles in 2022

Announcement: Medusa's $8M USD Seed Round

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In July of 2022, we announced our $8M USD Seed round led by LocalGlobe and Dawn Capital. The story was also covered by TechCrunch and BusinessWire.
With the seed round, we will continue building amazing features in Medusa, building integrations and plugins for third-party tools, and providing the best developer experience.

9 Best Ecommerce UX Practices From the World's Best Ecommerce Site

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McMaster-Carr has been crowned the title “best e-commerce site” by HackerNews users. As we are building Medusa with the aim to be the best ecommerce platform, this grew our curiosity which lead us to do a research around this website with the help of a community writer.
We then came up with 9 best user experience (UX) practices we picked up from McMaster-Carr in the hopes of it being helpful for businesses and ecommerce developers everywhere.

Creating a React Native Ecommerce app with Medusa

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Mobile apps have become an essential requirements for all types of businesses, specifically ecommerce businesses. Medusa’s composable architecture makes it possible to integrate the headless server to any frontend framework or platform.
This tutorial written by one of our community writers help readers interested in developing an ecommerce app for their Medusa server get started using React Native. It has become one of our top viewed articles of all time.

Headless Architecture Explained to a 5-Year-Old

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In the past couple of years, headless has become a buzz-word used by different types of companies and solutions, including Medusa. You’ve probably heard of headless ecommerce or headless CMS, but what does it really mean?
This article takes the challenge of simplifying the meaning of headless that a 5 year old can understand it.

Medusa vs. Magento: Comparing two open source ecommerce frameworks

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Both Medusa and Magento are open source platforms with a long list of impressive ecommerce and development features. This article compares both platforms, listing what each has to offer in different domains including multi-currency and region support, payment and shipping providers, installation and deployment, and more.

Top 5 open source ecommerce platforms for B2B: A feature-by-feature review

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This article was also part of our December B2B launch. We conducted a research along with a community writer to put together a list of features that a B2B platform must have based on general B2B use cases.
We then chose 5 top ecommerce platforms (including Medusa) and checked whether these features exist in those platforms. This will help any business or developer unsure about which platform to choose for their B2B business make a choice.

Case study: How Tekla improved conversion by 70% at record speed using Medusa

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Tekla is textile brand operating in more than 50 countries around the world. After migrating from WooCommerce to Medusa, their conversion rate increased by 70% and they significantly reduced their customer service response hours, among other achievements.
This article explores Tekla’s challenge with their previous solution, and how they utilized Medusa to bring their vision to life.

What is Composable Commerce?

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The comparison between Monolithic and Composable architectures have been the talk of the developer community in recent years. This is especially for ecommerce platforms, as we see more adoption of the composable architecture by new and existing tools.
This article dives into the differences between the two architectures, and why we at Medusa believe composable commerce is the future.

Medusa Hackathon Winner Announcement

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In October of 2022, we hosted a Medusa Hackathon with cool prizes. We got +200 project submissions which exceeded our expectations.
This article highlights the winners and runner up list. Check it out to see what cool projects were built with Medusa!

Case Study: How Palmes built a Global on-brand Store in <6 Weeks with Medusa

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Palmes is a meanswear brand with roots in tennis culture for wearing on and off court that sells tennis wear and accessories. By creating their ecommerce store with Medusa, they utilized advanced ecommerce features such as selling in over 40 countries and building a fully-tailored user experience in their storefront in less than 6 weeks.
This article explores Palmes story of how they used Medusa to create their ecommerce platform with a unique storefront.

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Other popular articles that we believe are worth highlighting:

More Top Content in 2023

Our focus on providing top content does not end here. We will put more focus on putting out more events, campaigns, launches, and other general articles.
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